Hedgehog Multifunctional Dryer Bronze Winner A´ Design Award

Hedghog Dryer wins A´ Design Award & Competition!

Hedgehog Dryer is proud winner of the A' Design Award & Competition for its multifunctional dryer series! This is one of the world's top product design recognitions. We secured the Bronze A' Design Award in the Home Appliances Design Category.

Special congrats to Bjorn Holte, Lachlan Dunn, and Magne Tveit Bolstad for their expertise combining design, function, and performance to create this award-winning series. This is the 5th major product design award the Hedgehog Dryer team has won.

As mentioned on the Hedgehog Dryer page on the A´ Design Award site, "The dryer series introduces new technology to an existing problem to improve efficiency. To make a high-powered fan system that dries fast, the team worked with engineers from the Hydro Power Laboratory at NTNU in Norway and used the same technology as optimized water turbines. The team also designed everything – engine, impeller, housing and electronics – from the ground up. The result is an energy-efficient fan system with a drying time that is multiple times faster than similar dryers." 

"The primary challenge has been combining efficient, effective technology with a sleek, functional design. Existing dryers often have relatively long drying times and basic functioning is often prioritized over product aesthetics. Hedgehog has sought to create products that are effective drying and organizing solutions that people will feel proud to feature in their homes. The goal is to have a rapid drying solution that ultimately enables people to be more active and spend more time outdoors."

From the A' Design Award team: "This esteemed recognition celebrates your innovative design and its ability to inspire, challenge, and positively impact our world. We hope this well-deserved achievement serves as a testament to your outstanding work and encourages you to continue pushing the boundaries of design excellence. Congratulations on your exceptional design!"

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